Sun 26 May 2019
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How to find out the hidden friends on Facebook

Facebook is one of the platform in social media on which everyone is connected to each other. In some cases people will hide their face book friends so that other wouldn’t know how much friends do they have on Facebook. Hiding like this you won’t be able to see friends except mutual friends. But now you are not being able to keep this secret on face book. Your friend will see your friends how much you will try to hide it. You can do such things to know the hidden friends of your friend.

Install Face book friends maker extension from Google chrome.

  • On that browser log in face book account and select the friend which friend list you want to see and go to their browser.
  • Click the option named friends.
  • There will be one option as reveal friends, you can see this only if you have face book friend mapper browser.
  • After clicking that option the hidden friends list will start to scan.
  • After that you will be able to see the hidden friends.

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